Friday, April 30, 2010

hello there..
cepat plak aku dtg balik..hehe.
ingatkan dh nk logout td but then again with all the appointment and date dat i should hv confirm from dis morning is still on aku p0n cepat2 la menalipon org2 berkenaan..

got a feedback...
my appointment for tonight have been canceled (she forgot bout th appointment)so got some more time for something else...(ayat nak best..sedangkan kena tinggal dgn date kan..hahaha)
and the most important event of dis weekend (game paintball) dah kena cancel..adehhh
ni yangg tensen nih..baru je nak memikirkan strategi dan cara nk bunuh musuh and jerit kuat2..terrorist win..hahahaha

and one more thing..dah dekat2 nak out dr email opis tetiba nampak plak email dari bos..dia kata ada event ahad nih...(new student registration)
"and there should be one photographer with me covering the event"
so..nmpk gaya keje lg la ahad nih...
not bad for someone single need to see anybody...huhu nice.. :P

hmm..sebenarnya nk cite skit je..dh jd panjang plak...
ok la...
c ya..



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