Monday, June 14, 2010

salam, hye...
its been almost a whole week since i write anything..maybe sbb kekurangan masa kot..
been busy with lepaks and more lepak...hehehe

for those who know me, i do think u know bout my upcoming transition from being a workaholic to a mere student..hehe
just trying to make it as swiftly as possible and without any casualties (dh mcm perang plak...huh)
and also its time to enjoy myself in KL as it would be hard for me to enjoy my days with frens here after dis..

ok then..
last week was a hectic one as i've been busy lepaking with frens even though it was weekdays night.
starting from Monday night,
it was drizzling but we (pak9 and me) went straight from setiawangsa till setia alam(gila jauh ..naik kebas punggung aku)

lepas lepak jap kat umah baru pak9..kami gerak untuk jumpa tok chet plak...
mlm tu mmg nasib xmenyebelahi kami(rasa mcm nk belasah je org2 yg bukak kedai murni n raju tu..) bleh plak time2 kami nk g makan la dia tutup...adehhh

last2 makan kat area hartamas je..
we ate mexican food..quite nice and affordable.. as it would be nicer if the food is cooked better(it was cold when served..)

we got back around 1 am...on working was damn tired riding from setia alam to kl...

tuesday morning, got msg from el saying dat her friend's(nana) ibook got some problems.
so malam tu lepas g kedai buat bendera kat maluri(kedai tu buat bendera fulltime..mmg itu la keje dia..), i went straight to UPM..
xde mende p0n yg rosak kat ibook tu..cuma hilang program office dia..
install kejap je..then we all went to hv some dinner....lama gak rupanya xjumpa el..since she's been busy with her work at merbok and always travel forth from upm to kedah.

got back home around 1.30 am..

wednesday night..
lepak bersama mizan dan rahman di NZ KLCC...
sampai malam...balik p0n dh pkl 11 tertido masa tgk movie kat laptop...

thursday night, got call from kak zaina..ajak lepak kat bangsar..
gonna celebrate kak niza besday...goin into 3 series as she says...hahaha
we went to Shivz Grill dat night since we've made bookings..
usually on weekdays, the restaurant closed around 11pm but dat night we ask them to close
a little bit late as we want to wait for the 12am birthday celebration..
it was great..the place is perfect and the waiter is nice. the place also got space for dancing class which ususally held on weekends.
the food is great but the price is quite high(as u would expect it to be..its bangsar ok)
after our late dinner and celebration, we move on to a better place to hang out..pelita bangsar...
best place to hang out with lotsa parking..hehe

went back home around 3am, as it was already past my bedtime for office night...
my eyes wont shut so i had to spend my time watching movies..hehe(tgk kat laptop je..)
selamat tido around 4.30 and wake up back around 6am...

friday night..
as everybody else was excited to watch the first game of the world cup finals,
i was on my way for karaoke time with kak niza, kak zaina and their friends.

our destination, Red Box, The Garden..
the food is good but they only served buffet until 10pm.
as i arrived there late, the buffet table is almost empty but still they already reserved some for me(thanx k. zaina & niza)...
it was a great night as we sing our heart out for almost 4 and half hour...

arrived home around 2.30am...

hmm.. ithink dats all for a week of excitement..

p/s: 4 star for Shivz Grill Bangsar..nice place, good hospitality and the food is delicious.

dats all for the time being...
c ya when i c ya..


pak9 said...

c u when i c u? mcm gossip girl la plak... awat xletak ja xoxo kat bwh tuh? heh


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