Tuesday, June 29, 2010

hye there...its been a year and a half, me being with OUM..
and it always excite me to be here rather than anywhere else..(feels like home)

the place, the people, the view and also all the excitement of being an employee of Open University Malaysia. its hectic..always on the go and last minute work is a mere challenges but rather than that it is within my grasp and obviously the excitement of doing last minute work is happiness itself...hehe

usually when people ask me where do i work.. i always said I'm the official photographer of OUM with pride as it is an honor to be a part of OUM itself.

home is where ur heart is..so i'll always consider OUM as my second home as my heart will always be here even when im gone.

so here i am, bowing down to all of u OUM colleague "partner in crime.."
sending my last regard as one of u as my last day approaching the end.

jika ada umur yg panjang, semoga kita berjumpa lagi..
will miss u guys..especially my sis..kak mai..
c ya when i c ya...




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