Tuesday, June 1, 2010

berjumpa lagi di post baru...
just want to update on new restaurant and new places that i've been for the last few days. its a long weekend because of Wesak day on Friday and i was thinking of going back to penang but then again got a call from adan saying dat there's a job at seremban that need to be reviewed with a client so..


i choose to be in Seremban then..hehe..
especially as it is adan birthday on dat special friday...
wake up early dat morning but still late to get on the train to Seremban..(kan ada function snooze kat henpon tu..sbb tu asik lewat je..aku gunakan sepenuhnya tau function tu..rugi la kalo tak guna kan..hehe)
had breakfast at jusco seremban...then lepak2 and met ejay(bukan nama sebenar..hehe)
dia p0n akan join utk job kali ni...
so after the short meeting with cikgu hasnan(the client), we went straight to check on the venue and its condition, just to make sure all is good when the times come..

after dat we go our separate ways...me n adan go to jumaat prayer and then straight to McD senawang(just for the wifi..free wifi kan..guna je la)
met eba there..(terkejut gak masa jumpa..pelik kan..slalu nmpk kat kl je..tetiba jumpa kat senawang...kecik kan dunia nih..)

after a light lunch at McD Senawang..we go back to adan house to take his things and all because he has to go back to mantin..sampai je umah siap ada surprise besday party lg tuh..bestnya adan..xde p0n org wat kat aku mcm tu..hehe :P
we hang out and eat some more at adan house..hehe (makan je kejenya kan..)

after maghrib i went back from senawang using the new highway aka Lekas..(mmg lekas sampai)..
got back at home then went straight to bed...too tired to stay awake i guess...


its saturday morning and guess what..i woke up early again..hehe (tipo je..bangun pkl 2 kot..hehe)
the first thing that i really want dat morning is to hv a good rest day(i thought it way sunday so..feel like want to rest for the whole day..)
but then...got sms from adan..his on his way to youth festival at PWTC...
aku p0n apa lg..bersiap la dgn sesungguhnya..

got there around 4 pm..stayed there until 8 something...
its quite boring but nice to see all those aspiring youth(bunyi mcm tua je)
got lotsa booth for up and coming artist..met raja azeem..he open up a booth there..

ended up eating at McD again that night...(boringg....)
balik je gerak g umah hadi...
shoot straight to ss2..uptown lama..sempat la beli a few magazines there..
then makan chee chor fun(bukan nama sebenar..xtau eja..sorry)
nice..mcam makan kat pfs dulu2..hehe


"sunday morning rain is falling"
eh xde la..xhujan p0n...still it is sunday morning..try to wake up as late as possible..but then again..theres always someone who will cheer up my day..hehe
got calls from pak9...dia ajak lepak sunway(dgn umpan ayat ice skating)..
aku mmg xbleh dgr ayat ice skating ni..confirm nk join..hehe

then gerak dlm pkl 12 lebih..amik wak an kat kg baru..
first thing first...makan...
cari italiannise...
the food is good..its a big portion restaurant..really good for big appetite guys like us..hehe
we eat "R*****o"(bukan nama sebenar) and a fe more things...good food(with a hidden meaning..hehe)

next is shopping time..went there to find a birthday present for eryn...(got a good one)
got myself a jacket(lebih kurang mcm kot gak la..)
and wak an got himself one and a few t-shirts..

lepaks and then for early dinner, we went to chicken hartz.
a buffet of chicken..yeah...
eat all u can..hehe
makan sampai lebam...
apa lg...hmm...
from there we went straight to cheras uptown..
pick up hasliza at hukm...then meet up ainul and ariff there..
pusing2 cari apa2 yg best..
me n pak9 got ourselves a new arale t-shirt..yea..
(ala.watak utama dr slump tu...adehh..tu p0n xingat ka..)
got back home around 1 am...a tiring day..but still, its fun..

barang2 jualan at youth fair 2010

yeah..we are the food critics...

raja azeem and his booth at youth fair 2010

adan yg hepy semacam cuba untuk terbang...

p/s : rating for italiannies - 3 star je..
the food is good but still quite pricy.for those who love Italian food would enjoy eating there.
the ambiance is nice..the service is quite a hassle..the waiter is slow in doing everything.

p/s 4 : rating for chicken hartz - 3 star jugak...
the food is moderate and lack of choices for an all buffet restaurant.
it got too many rules to obey..(kalo mkn xabes kena byr la..WTF..we pay ryte so we can choose weather we want to eat or not ryte..)

p/s 3 : forgot to tell u all...i've got USM ..dapat course new media..under faculty art n design.

will try to upload all the pics taken on this weekend..maybe on the next post...
c u when i c u..
xoxo - gossip gurl..
hehe..one more thing - aku dh start addict tgk gossip gurl..best la plak..


pak9 said...

...ada "detail" terlepaih ni... hoho

apanz86 said...

oit..detail apa yg terlepaih??
meh bgtau aku cepat..bleh update...

pak9 said...

"R" bkn nama sbnr? wahahaha


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