Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"But I wish you the best, I guess.
‘Cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows
How to make it work, or how to ease the hurt
We’ve heard it all before, that everybody knows
Just how to make it right, I wish we gave it one more try"

to love is simply to let go- nawfas

They always say if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours.
how do u suppose to know if its really time to let it go or simply the time to tighten up ur relationship??

but i do believe that when you love someone, it IS hard to let them go. But when you truly love them, you want what is best for them and if that means letting them go, then that's what you do.

You'll be in pain, you'll feel loss, but your love for them is greater than the sorrow for yourself. It isn't easy, but if you truly love THEM and not just the way being in love with them makes YOU feel, then you'll find the strength in that to do right by THEM even if it hurts you.

i've downloaded the john legend song a few month a go but only last night i really got time to think about the meaning of the song, and i do think the song sums it up just fine.

he wish her the best even though she's with someone else.

please, do comments and everything..just for the sake of sharing..
sharing is caring kan..and caring is love...

: credit to the creator and deviant art

p/s: the post before this is fully written in my macbook..yeay...my first ever written post by my lovely mac...hehe


pak9 said...

dia dah mula dahhhh jiwang2... hehehe ^_^

yeah i do agree with that quote. sometimes we have to let them go to "teach" them... to make them realise not to take us by granted, and to make them realise that "we'll never know good things until it is gone." fuh. berfalsafah plak aku :p

astalavista said...

perghh..enchek punain ini menggunakan bahasa falsafah yg amat tinggi..susah betul aku nk mentranslate kedlm bahasa melayu..hahaha

bg aku la kan, bukan psl nk teach ke apa..
just nk bg diorang sedar..not to take anybody for granted..especially someone u love.

Aya Emerald said...

jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang jiwang.

hurm puas aku cr word lain tp xjumpe. hehe :P

Anonymous said...

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